Robert Kennedy Jr Issues Warning About Matrix

Democrat contender Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. stands out as the most intriguing 2024 presidential possibility.

A report shows that in his latest campaign statement, RFK Jr. sounds an alarm for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, who care about genuine democratic principles and the danger of having an absent media that holds the government accountable in light of the explosive Durham Report’s description of the FBI’s interference in the 2016 election.

As Kennedy tweeted, it was about how the FBI was used as a political tool to take down a presidential contender. It’s about a web of intricate deceptions that puts the ideal of democracy of an educated populace to shame. 

According to Durham’s assessment, which has since received a lot of press coverage, there was never any need for the FBI to investigate then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign because of Russian interference. It seems to have been built on slander and spurious evidence in an effort to discredit and derail Trump’s presidency.

Without a lapdog media, the federal government’s purported willingness and debatable success in undermining the Constitution and trampling well-established standards would not have been conceivable.

RFK Jr.’s eagerness to expose Swamp monsters and their enablers is not limited to his criticism of Russiagate. He disagrees with the Democrats on their handling of COVID, Ukraine, “transgender” males in women’s sports, and the melding of corporations and the behemoth government.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the 1968 assassinated Senator, said on an episode of “Hannity” that the CIA was involved in the conspiracy that ultimately resulted in the death of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald.

There are so many pieces of evidence—millions of pages of CIA files, transcripts, and audio recordings that a summary would be futile. 


Former CIA Director Allen Dulles was reportedly a key figure in the Warren Commission, according to Kennedy.

Kennedy Jr. said that Dulles had infiltrated and effectively controlled the Warren Commission, hiding this information from its members. But a decade later, when Congress looked into the case, they had access to considerably more material than the Commission did. Congress discovered a conspiracy. There were several persons participating in the scheme.