RFK Jr May Be A Ploy To Boost Biden

This week, Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made several high-profile media appearances.

Kennedy joined Elon Musk for a live chat on Twitter Spaces on Monday to discuss his campaign. The same day he appeared with leftist CNN host Michael Smercomish on Sirius FM.

Audiences leaning toward the establishment and likely dislike Musk would enjoy Smerconish. Fans of CNN host Michael Smerconish’s popular weekend show are likely to agree with the Democrat party line and not like RFK Jr.’s platform.

From a business perspective, why would CNN want to provide a platform to someone its audience hates?

The Politico Playbook, published on Tuesday morning, answers these queries. By doing this, they are probably trying to protect and bolster Biden in the upcoming election.

When compared to Joe Biden, support for RFK soars in the polls. Preliminary surveys indicate his support at around 20%. It’s not a tiny amount, but it won’t be enough to overcome the Democratic machine’s endorsement of Biden with overwhelming grassroots momentum. Playbook is spot-on when it says confronting RFK head-on might help spark such movement.

Instead, Biden is counting on the media to do his sleazy bidding. They expect the media and other Democratic party members to torpedo Kennedy.

RFK is an attempt to shield the Biden campaign from rivals. They will promote him just like they promote Donald Trump. When Democrats see an anti-vaccination candidate, an anti-assault weapons ban, and a quasi-2020 election denier, they first think this person must be a MAGA Republican.

This to the heart of the issue. Democrats and their media backers are trying to get as much RFK coverage as possible. They want their audience to see him with the same level of contempt as the other personalities they have been conditioned to consider the embodiment of evil, so they will emphasize all his beliefs they have previously indoctrinated their audience to loathe.

A year of corporate media agitprop against an independent RFK would make him more of a threat to the Republican nominee than Biden. This might give Biden a narrow victory in several swing states.