Researchers Make Big Breakthrough In 3D Printing

The latest technological innovation was made in 3D printing. Researchers have reportedly discovered how to make food, particularly cheesecake, from a 3D printer. The printer squeezes out the ingredients which contained graham cracker paste, peanut butter, strawberry jam, Nutella, banana puree, cherry drizzle, and frosting. Out of the thin lines made by the printer, researchers were able to layer the cheesecake. 

But it was not entirely simple at first. The dessert is made from 70 percent graham cracker because without the paste it could not stay together. Researchers then added the graham cracker paste throughout the cheesecake in layers to create wells and walls of ingredients. The wetter ingredients were then placed inside the wells. 

Jonathan Blutinger, a mechanical engineer at Columbia University, attributes the good taste of the cheesecake to the way the layers in the dessert. He said that they hit the palette in different waves. 

Food being made by 3D printers is also being looked at by other companies. An English company called Food Ink is looking to develop a restaurant that makes food solely through the printer. 

“As there is nothing like the Future, we are investigating emerging technologies with passion and insatiable curiosity,” states the company’s website. 

NASA has been looking into the technology for its astronauts since 2013, according to its website. The agency stated that it needed to “make improvements in life support systems, including how to feed the crew during those long deep space missions.”

But some are not so excited about the future of 3D-printed food. Kurt Knutsson, an analyst writing for Fox News compares the technology to artificial intelligence, saying that the practice may reduce creativity. He asks whether or not automating the art of food will lack human emotion and the skill needed to create good dishes.