Republican Senator Claims More Biden Family Members Are Corrupt

In an interview with Newsmax, Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, it was revealed that House investigators are identifying additional Biden family members involved in the alleged crime committed by Hunter Biden.

During his appearance on Tuesday’s episode of Wake Up America, Johnson expanded on what the new evidence is revealing.

According to Johnson, they are finding even more Biden family members participating in the scam. The Senator said last week, Republican Representatives Jim Jordan and James Comer joined him for lunch. They skillfully presented the proof of corruption to the other senators. Johnson hopes that the acts of the House will get the backing of other Republican senators who will align themselves with those efforts.

In addition, the fact that no charges had been brought on Hunter Biden until recently is further evidence of the corrupt nature of our federal law enforcement and the Department of Justice.

Johnson added that the study he had conducted alongside Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, had uncovered sufficient information to convince people not to vote for Joe Biden. However, it did not receive the appropriate amount of attention.

It is Johnson’s belief there was more than enough information available, which, if the media had publicized it, might have convinced Americans that electing Joe Biden would be a poor decision due to his history of corruption. This would jeopardize his presidency. This is the state of affairs we are going through now.

In the meantime, regarding the problem of Ukraine, Johnson advocated for low-key diplomacy to end the crisis.

Johnson referred to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, as a “war criminal” and stated that if the conflict were allowed to continue, it would lead to the deaths of even more Russians and Ukrainians. There will be further devastation throughout Ukraine.

He reiterated that the U.S. should continue to “quietly search” for a way to end the war.