Putin TV Ally Says “We’re Taking The World With Us”

Vladimir Solovyov, a propagandist for the Kremlin, used his TV show to warn about the repercussions of Russia losing in Ukraine. He implied it would be Armageddon.

Russian nuclear weapons should be used, constraints on testing should be lifted, and Russia should “convincingly demonstrate what we have,” Solovyov stated.

He has been a vocal supporter of using Russia’s nuclear arsenal to strike at Western countries that support Ukraine ever since Putin’s invasion began. On his radio show Full Contact last week, he declared, “Nuclear war is inevitable.”

Filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov was a guest on the show, and she described the conflict as “a question of our destruction.”

The struggle was a lot more complicated and dangerous than the Second World War, and Shakhnazarov questioned whether Russians truly comprehended “the gravity of the threat” that the outcome presented.

Shakhnazarov remarked that the war “is fateful for us,” adding that the country’s political leaders must accept this reality. This is a war not a military operation and we must start treating it as such. If we lose this conflict, our people will “simply vanish” like other Native American communities have. He added that if Moscow’s forces were to lose in Ukraine, authors would write about how Russia lost Eurasia and itself.

She went on to explain how the lack of a uniting ideology in today’s Russia makes it vastly different from the society that existed in 1941 when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. She claimed that modern Russians were raised on American pop culture and that the country was deeply divided, with fewer young people to fill the ranks of the military.

The Ukrainians, added Solovyov, should realize that “if we lose, we are taking the whole world with us.”

What the Supreme Commander once remarked is worth remembering: “Who needs the world if Russia isn’t in it?” Solovyov stated, citing a statement by the Russian president.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the specter of Russia employing tactical nuclear weapons has persisted.