Progressive Crime Bill Backfires Big-Time

People in Illinois are worried about the cashless bail system, and a Chicago criminal is getting a lot of attention since he was arrested more than anybody else in the first month of its implementation.

Even though Juvenal Coronel was just released from prison, a local report showed that he was detained three more times in the space of five days. Every time the man was freed, the website publicized it.

On September 22, 2023, he was said to have slapped two ladies on their rears. He departed from the police station hours after that.

A woman accused him of leaping on her car and bashing her window in traffic on September 27, leading to his arrest by Chicago police. A few hours after that, he exited the police station once again.

He was accused of carving letters on the door of a man’s vehicle, which led to his arrest and release once again.

The defendant was ordered to be detained by Judge William Fahy for breaking the terms of pretrial release after many previous incidents.

Except for the violence counts he got for slapping the women’s buttocks, the prosecution ultimately dropped all of the charges against him.

On November 13, 2023, Judge Donald Panarese sentenced him to 120 days, and Coronel was later freed early due to his ‘good conduct.’

Reports showed he faces three ongoing cases. One case concerns allegations that he struck a 14-year-old kid with a rake, leading to his arrest. Coronel left the station within hours.
He was detained again after throwing trays around and a bottle at a McDonald’s manager.

Prosecutors requested Judge McCarthy to detain Coronel for his ongoing offenses, but she refused.

Attorney Patrick Kenneally stated that the cashless bail system in Illinois produced “absurd” and confusing outcomes.

Kenneally is the attorney general for a county northeast of Chicago. He told media outlets that at least two suspects who were a threat to the community were free to leave jail after their court hearings.

A study found that more than seven out of ten criminal suspects freed from detention without bail are later caught committing more crimes.