Previously Released Illegal Immigrant Kills 19-Year-Old in Crash

Over the last several years, a serious crisis has escalated at the United States southern border with Mexico. Over the first three and a half years of the incumbent 46th President Joe Bidens term of service, it is estimated that over eight million illegals have entered the country. According to an article by Axios, the immigration processing backlog associated with illegal migrant border surges is anticipated to reach numbers over eight million individuals by the fall of 2024. In comparison to the year 2019 (right before the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of Trump’s presidency, that number stood at around three million. President Biden had previously rescinded many of the former 45th President Donald Trump’s policies when pertaining to the southern border. Trump had been largely successful at mitigating the effects of illegal migration by the end of his term of service, but the problem still persisted albeit at a much controlled rate.

Across the country, communities have become arguably less safe as migrants have poured into the nation. In the state of Alabama, an illegal migrant illicitly operated a motor vehicle and drove while heavily intoxicated under the influence of alcohol. After running a red light, the migrant, a 29 year old named Antonio Rodas struck another vehicle being operated by a nineteen year old recent high school graduate named Adam Luker. A week later, Luker died of his injuries. A go fund me was set up for his family.

This incident was tragic and demonstrates that the United States has become a country that is less safe than it was before Biden took office. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, nearing ever closer, the GOP nominee the former president Donald Trump has announced plans to massively deport the droves of migrants that entered the country in the last three and a half years.  Trump has promised an operation like one that deported a million migrants in the 1950’s.