Pop Singer Throws Mic In Retaliation At Attacking Fan

After an audience member threw a drink at Cardi B, the rapper who just dropped a new song with her husband Offset called “Jealousy,” reacted by tossing a microphone at the person. 

She was captured on film on Pop Base’s Twitter being splattered by a fan’s thrown drink, and the footage went viral. She had just raised the microphone to her face for another stanza of her 2018 smash single Bodak Yellow when a glass from the crowd sprayed in her direction. Cardi seemed stunned for a second, but then she pounced, presumably at the drink thrower, and threw the microphone at them.

According to reports, fans in Las Vegas waited two hours in 112-degree temperatures to see the celebrity perform. 

Cardi B and her husband, Offset, have been accused of staging an infidelity scandal to promote their new song “Jealousy,” released on Friday. One Instagram user called the Grammy winner’s adultery claims “a stunt” for attention, to which he responded, “It wasn’t no STUNT.” 

She also brought up her successful defamation action from a year ago, which she filed against the YouTube blogger Tasha K.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Offset accused his wife of more than five years having been cheating on him. Cardi responded to Offset’s accusation by going on a tirade about her husband being a “motherf**ker” and a “spiraler” on Twitter Spaces. 

She also released a tape where she rapped back at the father of her two children and told her listeners to ignore Offset’s shocking accusation.

Offset and Cardi were seen out and about just days after their viral argument during Paris Fashion Week. The pair married in secrecy in September of 2017 but didn’t share the news until the following year. They have two children, a girl named Kulture, born in July 2018, and a boy named Wave, born in January 2021. Cephus has three children from prior relationships: a girl, Kalea, age 8, and two boys, Jordan, 13, and Kody, 10.