Police Deployment Incoming Over Donald Trump’s Potential Arrest 

(ConservativeCore.com)- In a Truth Social tirade last Saturday, former President Donald Trump claimed that he was going to be arrested on Tuesday and called on his fans to “PROTEST.” 

In response to Trump’s call for protests over his alleged impending arrest, federal, state, and local officials began taking preemptive measures to prepare for unrest in the event that Trump’s possible indictment leads to widespread protests. 

According to an internal NYPD memo, all NYPD officers were instructed to be in uniform and ready to deploy on Tuesday in case the “protests” the former president called for materialized, CNN reported. 

Law enforcement officials told CNN that while there was no credible threat, Tuesday was considered a “high alert day.” 

However, Trump’s claim proved to be unfounded. 

The grand jury looking into the alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels was scheduled to hear further testimony on Wednesday. 

However, Wednesday’s grand jury session was postponed and grand jurors were told to remain on standby for Thursday instead. The reason for the postponement was not clear, the Associated Press reported. 

The New York Post reported on Wednesday that a source within the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said some prosecutors are “shaking their heads” at Bragg’s decision to continue pursuing the case. 

Similarly, sources told Fox News that there is “major dissension” within the District Attorney’s Office over the “weakness” of District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against the former president. According to the sources, it is still possible that Bragg will decide not to indict Trump. 

According to the Associated Press, no witness was called during Thursday’s grand jury session as the grand jurors turned to “other matters.” The grand jury will not convene again until Monday, however, it is not clear if prosecutors plan to call more witnesses or when the grand jury may vote on indicting Trump.