Plane Made A Mysterious U-Turn Before Deadly Crash

According to a report, it is probable that the private Cessna that fell to the ground in Virginia this week was on autopilot after a loss of cabin pressure knocked out all the passengers. This prompted the Pentagon to send out two F-16 fighter fighters. 

A local report shows that at 13:13 (1:13 PM), the Cessna took off from From Elizabethton Airport via Tennessee, headed towards MacArthur Airport in Islip, Long Island, New York. Instead, the jet headed toward MacArthur before making a U-turn at 14:45 and returning to DC. 

Two F-16 fighter planes from Joint Base Andrews swooped in to investigate after calls from the ground went unanswered. 

A sonic boom could be heard in certain areas of Washington, DC, and Virginia as a result of their high speed. 

The F-16 pilots said they saw the Cessna pilot slouched forward in the cockpit after they were airborne. The Cessna crashed shortly after takeoff, plunging into the St. Mary’s Wilderness about 180 miles south of Washington, DC, at a shocking 2,800 feet per minute.

Experts in the field remarked that the pilot and everyone else on board likely passed out from lack of oxygen due to a loss of cabin pressure, which is still being investigated. 

The disaster happened around one hour after it passed over Islip, and it had a 45-minute fuel reserve, so the hypothesis that it ran out of gasoline makes perfect sense.

It was a coincidence, but the Cessna ran out of gasoline just as it was about to enter the District of Columbia. 

According to local a local report from Virginia, at 15:20, the F-16 fighter planes took out into the sky. The Cessna flew over the Shenandoah Valley when it went down in the St. Mary’s Wilderness at 15:22. 

The force of the hit was so great that it reportedly carved a ‘crater’ out of the earth.  

According to the report, experts have stated that it was unlikely that the passengers would have been awake, which means that none would have felt any pain from the experience.