Pastor Takes Revenge After Man Disrespects His Wife

The defense of one North Carolina woman’s honor allegedly reached unprecedented heights.

Reports show that a 44-year-old McDonald’s manager-in-training named Latoya Gladney allegedly phoned her husband for help last month when staff disrespected her.

Dwayn Waden, her 57-year-old husband, complied with her wish and showed up at the famous fast-food restaurant shortly after.

As police reported, the perpetrator entered the McDonald’s, approached the counter, and allegedly put both hands around the cook’s neck while forcing his head toward the deep fryer. He proceeded to strike the victim many times in the face until other staff removed him from the victim.

Aside from cuts on his neck and bruises on his face, the victim also had injuries to his body. After receiving assistance from emergency services, the victim decided to have his relatives take him to the hospital.

The fact that Waden is a pastor, a position that generally entails warning people against violence, makes the accusation of assault all the more surprising.

By all accounts, Waden is a semi-truck driver and preacher at Elevated Life International Ministries, as stated on his Facebook profile.

How this will affect his wife’s management training or whether McDonald’s will discipline her for her part in the event and her husband’s alleged actions is unknown.

According to reports, workplace violence against McDonald’s employees is nothing new.

The employees of McDonald’s filed a lawsuit in 2019 to address the issue of violence in the workplace.

Based on allegations that the fast-food giant has failed to address the issue of violence in the workplace, seventeen employees of McDonald’s in Chicago have filed a lawsuit against the corporation.

A complaint was submitted to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), requesting that the agency investigate a pattern of violence inside the restaurants.

The lawsuit contends that McDonald’s, in its function as a landlord, has neglected to construct its locations in a manner that reduces the likelihood of criminal activity.