Osama Bin Laden Assassin Arrested!

Robert O’Neill, 47, has famously claimed that he was the one who killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden in a 2011 mission in Pakistan. Recently, he’s been in the news, yet again, for another reason.

The former Navy SEAL was seen celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife only days after he was jailed for assault and public intoxication.

On Wednesday, Frisco police arrested O’Neill and charged him with public drinking, drunkenness, and an assault that inflicted bodily harm, both Class C misdemeanors.

The military has never acknowledged or rejected his account of the bin Laden raid, which he detailed in his memoir published in 2017 – The Operator.

O’Neill went to Instagram on Saturday to write a brief but heartfelt message for his wife following his issues in Texas after recording a podcast at a cigar club.

Congratulations, Jessica Lynn O’Neill! Your patience with me is much appreciated. “I adore you,” the former SEAL Team 6 member wrote.

Hundreds of people expressed their congratulations on the four photos he posted of him and his wife, which included one from their wedding day and three at the beach. Although the circumstances of his arrest remain unknown, he was thrown into the Collin County prison.

On the same day, O’Neill posted bail and was freed.

Wednesday was not the first time O’Neill has had a scrape with the law. The ex-SEAL’s refusal to follow COVID standards and wear a mask led to his suspension from Delta Airlines in 2020.

It’s also been reported that he was arrested for DUI in Montana in 201; however, prosecutors dropped the charges.

Armed Forces Brewing Co., a Virginia microbrewery, was founded in response to the backlash to Bud Light’s support of LGBTQ influencer Dylan Mulvaney, and O’Neill is one of the company’s supporters.