Official Report Shows China’s Economic Peril

While the political and economic conditions of the United State are susceptible to change over the highlighted period of time leading up to the election, most media outlets and both major political parties at the national level are working hard to make the battle for the presidency a primary focus for citizens across the country. In the Republican field, a crowded group of candidates is grappling for relevancy as the former 45th President Donald Trump maintains a commanding 40 point or higher lead over all of his potential rivals. Even in the face of  four criminal indictments and a barrage of negative media coverage, Trump remains the frontrunner.

In the Democratic party, President Joe Biden remains the frontrunner for the party’s nomination. Biden, although vulnerable, enjoys the advantage of the incumbency and maintains the support of a majority of Democratic voters. Biden also does not face any significant resistance or opposition to his nomination, and the only challenger which has gained a little traction against him is Robert Kennedy Jr.. Kennedy Jr. has been generally received in a more favorable light by Republican voters than Democratic ones, a clear indicator that the party has truly become a far-left, progressive machine supported by wealthy coastal elites and not working class citizens which had previously been its historic base.

In another statement, presidential candidate Nikki Haley criticized President Biden over his handling of the G20 summit. Haley attacked Bidens foreign policy record, particularly in relation to Ukraine. Haley claimed that Bidens weakness on the international stage has continued to allow Russia and China to feel confident in opposing America. The G20 summit was bashed by many and deemed as being lenient on Russia. These statements come during a time in which the Chinese economy continues to struggle. A recent report showed a 4th consecutive monthly decline for Chinese manufacturing. Ultimately, no nation on the planet is doing well economically as people struggle.