Obama Caught Meddling With Biden Campaign

Based on recent reports, Obama is voicing his worries about Trump’s potential run for president again and has cast doubt on Joe Biden’s reelection campaign strategy.

Obama and Biden reportedly had a secret lunch at the White House a few months ago to discuss campaign strategy.

Obama informed Biden and the president’s advisors that the campaign needed the authority to make choices independently of the White House and that his campaign needed either additional senior-level decision-makers at its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, or the empowerment of current staff.

Under this plan, the Delaware group would handle the campaign, while White House advisors would concentrate on policy and event-driven choices.

Obama has suggested David Plouffe, who oversaw his 2008 campaign, as the ideal candidate for the position of senior strategist.

There are three candidates in the race, including an independent, and the most recent USA Today/Suffolk University Poll put Biden in second place, with Trump leading by two points.

Trump currently has leads among Hispanic voters and those under 35, while Biden’s decline in the polls is attributable, in part, to Black voters’ abandonment of him for third-party alternatives.

A “very, very dark” moment for Biden’s reelection campaign was indicated last month by a Wall Street Journal survey showing his support ratings at a new low, according to former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod.

In light of these recent reports detailing disapproval of the Biden campaign’s organizational structure and worries about Trump’s political power in 2024, the Biden camp has defended its approach.

On Sunday, Quentin Fulks—the senior deputy campaign manager for President Biden’s reelection bid—defended the campaign’s strategy and emphasized that Obama and Biden agree that Trump must be defeated.

Fulks remained silent in response to a follow-up inquiry on whether the campaign intends to implement systemic reforms.

Yet, he insisted that the campaign has been “alive” since April and that it is only now that Americans are beginning to pay attention.