North Korea Builds Nuclear Weapons Cache In Preparation For War

An expert on Korean history says Kim Jong Un is planning for war as he grows his nuclear arsenal.

North Korea claimed under the Bush administration that it had been carrying out nuclear tests and possessed weapons after generations of international pressure to cease its program. According to the Institute for Science and International Security, the country possesses 35–63 warheads.

According to a report, Kookmin University history professor Andrei Lankov said Western leaders had failed to pressure the regime earlier, erroneously assuming that the development of nuclear weapons was not a threat. This emboldened Kim to build the nuclear arsenal.

Lankov said that Kim plans to conquer South Korea in another Korean War. He claimed Kim’s goals will be evident in 15 years.

Reports show North Korea has launched ICBMs that might reach across the Pacific, but its capacity to attack the U.S. remains unknown. The Kim regime’s opacity makes nuclear arsenal details elusive.

Last month, the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States reported that North Korea’s nuclear expansion and diversification increase the threat to U.S. Allies and theater forces.

The research said that North Korea is on track to construct enough nuclear intercontinental missiles to threaten U.S. mainland ground-based ballistic missile defenses.

For the nineteenth year in a row, a UN committee has approved a resolution denouncing human rights violations in North Korea.

The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution urging all member states to protect political refugees from being returned to countries where their safety may be threatened.

Furthermore, the resolution urges the United Nations Security Council to consider submitting human rights violations by North Korea to the International Criminal Court.

It has been reported that North Korea has started closing its embassies because it believes it has all the allies it needs in China and Russia. In addition, its ambassadors are constantly defecting from North Korea.