Nikki Haley Reamed By Popular Late-Night Host

In his first monologue of the year, Stephen Colbert took a humorous look at the current political landscape. With the same old presidential election and the same two old men running, Colbert remarked on the lack of change in the 2024 race.

One candidate who found herself in hot water was Nikki Haley. After flubbing a response to a question about the Civil War, Colbert couldn’t help but correct her. Haley’s answer overlooked the issue of slavery, which Colbert found ridiculous, especially considering her background as the former governor of South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continued to pander to evangelical voters in Iowa. Colbert pointed out Trump’s reposted video claiming that “God gave us Trump” as a caretaker for the nation. Colbert, however, highlighted that God has a mixed record when it comes to creating things and suggested that Trump consider swimming in the Amazon.

On “Late Night,” Seth Meyers poked fun at Trump for recounting an odd anecdote during his campaign. Trump claimed that he is frequently approached by individuals curious about his morning routine, particularly how he gets dressed. Meyers ridiculed the idea that of all questions, this was what people were most eager to ask the former president, who is also facing legal challenges on multiple fronts. He further remarked on the extensive number of Trump’s forthcoming legal appointments, joking that even seasoned cable news anchors might struggle to track them all.

In Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel dedicated his first 2024 monologue to mocking Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had falsely claimed that Kimmel would be named in newly released documents about associates of Jeffrey Epstein. Kimmel set the record straight, stating that he had no connection to Epstein and was not involved in wrongdoing. He also criticized Rodgers for perpetuating conspiratorial thinking and insinuating that Kimmel was a pedophile.

Despite the situation, Kimmel expressed his willingness to accept an apology from Rodgers and move on. He emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one’s words and actions, even in comedy.