New Footage Shows Moment Rapper Julio Foolio Was Shot

Florida Rapper Julio Foolio was fatally shot outside of a hotel just two weeks ago, on his 26th birthday. The murder of the Jacksonville rapper went viral on social media for the dark details surrounding Foolio’s murder. Foolio was a controversial artist in Jacksonville with the rapper having many enemies and being involved in multiple gang wars throughout the streets of Jacksonville. On the night of his death, Foolio along with friends and family traveled to Tampa to celebrate the rapper’s birthday. Foolio made the fatal mistake of posting the location of his party online. Now, as the investigation into Foolio’s death furthers, new surveillance video footage has surfaced capturing the fatal shooting on video. 

TMZ reported that the surveillance video captured the final moments of Foolio, where the footage shows gunmen ambushing a black car Foolio was inside of in between two hotels in Tampa. The footage was captured around 4:30 AM on June 23rd, which further showed another masked gunman running through the hotel’s parking lot with what appears to be a semi-automatic assault rifle. Moments later, the masked gunman can be seen firing at the vehicle in which Foolio and three others were inside. After the shots were fired the vehicle could be seen trying to escape, where the car then crashed into a curb. 

Inside the vehicle, three members of Foolio’s entourage suffered non-life-threatening injuries, whereas the Florida rapper was not as lucky. Foolio’s murderers managed to flee the scene of the crime. Currently, Tampa police are continuing their investigation into the rapper’s untimely death, but have not yet provided any updates. Following Foolio’s death, the rapper’s mother has issued statements admitting that her son’s controversial lifestyle was ultimately the cause of his death, as Foolio was known for taunting his enemies as well as being connected to several murders. Foolio’s mother also stated she plans to release a documentary on her son’s life soon.