New “Chemical Bronchitis” Is Coming For Ohio Residents  

( After a controlled burning in East Palestine, Ohio, residents are experiencing “chemical bronchitis,” according to Breitbart. The illness follows the derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals. In efforts to prevent explosions, authorities began a controlled fire that sent the chemicals into the air. Despite saying that it was safe to drink water and breathe in the air, reports have since documented animals dying and people getting sick.  

Medical professionals are reportedly seeing more patients from East Palestine come in saying that they do not feel well. Symptoms include feeling a burning sensation when they are breathing, getting rashes on their skin, and feeling weak. Residents are also reporting that when they the symptoms are mitigated when they leave the neighborhood, but descend back into the illness when they return home.  

QUICKmed’s Deb Weese said that if people are feeling better when they leave the area then the issue is not something like allergies but is more likely the air that they are breathing. She suggested that the burning sensation some are experiencing could be a symptom of “chemical bronchitis.”  

Weese also recommended that residents begin to document what they are feeling, suggesting that there may be a time when something about their sicknesses comes out in the future.  

Ohio Department of Natural Resources says that the controlled fire led around 43,000 fish among other aquatic creatures.  

The incident has caused outrage on social media, especially over the federal government’s response. FEMA reportedly denied assistance to the town, arguing that the disaster is not “natural,” which in turn led conservatives to criticize the agency for giving $110 million to feed and house illegal immigrants coming into the country.  

Republic Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio recently visited the town and exposed a creek bed filled with toxic chemicals