Nancy Pelosi Goes Dark On Woman’s Physical Assault

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has yet to condemn the vicious assault on Riley Gaines.

Gaines is an advocate for equal rights for women and a critic of men’s dominance in women’s sports; she was giving a speech in favor of these causes on campus. As a result, she became the target of an angry crowd and was physically assaulted.

The crowd, at one point, demanded payment to let her go.

The unhinged throng at San Francisco State University screamed at Gaines, harassed her, and eventually locked her in a room for hours on Thursday night when a male dressed as a woman assaulted her.

Even though Pelosi represents the area where San Francisco State University is located, she remained silent when Gaines was assaulted. (At last, she’s discovered something she’d rather not talk about.) The most well-known California state official has likewise chosen not to tweet about the despicable crime.

A young lady was brutally assaulted in her neighborhood because she advocated for women’s rights and used her voice to speak out. All citizens are granted this fundamental freedom.

The city’s most influential female representative seems disinterested in joining the debate. 

Among politicians, Nancy Pelosi stands out as a titan. She is the public face of politics in San Francisco and has been a mainstay in federal politics for decades and holds the position of Speaker of the House.

Pelosi is responsible for defending the civil liberties of all citizens in San Francisco, whether they live there or are just passing through. 

There is nothing wrong with Riley Gaines speaking up against the male hegemony in women’s sports.

That’s her right as an American, but when she used it last Thursday night on the San Francisco State University campus, she was confronted by an angry crowd that became violent.

If Pelosi’s office chooses to comment on what is at heart, we will update the article accordingly. The treatment Gaines received was unjustifiable and should not be condoned. Will Pelosi have the courage to speak it and confront the awakened mob? A resounding “no” has been the consistent response.