Multiple Dead In Thanksgiving Home Fire

On Thanksgiving, a mobile home fire in Ohio killed five people, including two children, according to investigators.

The Ohio Department of Commerce reports that at around 7:30 in the morning, volunteer firemen from Richland were sent to an address in Athens County in response to a fire alarm. When the volunteer firemen arrived at the site, they discovered two mobile homes engulfed in flames and an outbuilding in ruins.

“When there is a death, it is difficult. The presence of youngsters compounds the problem,” Chief Dale Sinclair of the Richland Area Volunteer Fire Department said.

While enveloped in flames, the roof of one of the mobile houses fell, according to the firemen. An individual connected to the commerce department, Brandon Klein, said five people had died inside the building, but one survivor was transferred to a nearby hospital after escaping the fire. According to Klein, the five dead, including two children, were only discovered after the blaze was extinguished,

The fire marshal’s office, the county sheriff’s office, and the county coroner are all investigating the event, but the fire’s origin is still unclear. Authorities confirmed that two children were among the five casualties, but they have not identified any of the victims.

Sinclair said there was a plan to debrief the team that “mental health” requirements would be fulfilled and that some of the volunteer firemen knew the people living in the mobile homes.

Tonight, we will be doing a debriefing. “We’re sending a team to visit with everyone and see if we can get everyone the mental health treatment they need,” Sinclair said.

According to volunteer firefighters from the Richland Area, one of the mobile homes was on fire and had a fallen roof. Five people were discovered dead inside.
One person survived the incident, according to Brandon Klein of the commerce department; firefighters then transported them to a nearby hospital. According to him, the reason for the fire was not immediately apparent.

No one knows who the victims are just yet. The Athens County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation, as are the county coroner’s office, the Ohio State Fre Marshal’s office, and the Commerce Department.