MSNBC Host Interrupts Lawmaker On National TV

Stephanie Ruhle and former Republican Congressman Will Hurd had a heated discussion on Wednesday regarding high inflation and the current state of the economy. 

Hurd commented on the possibility of Mike Pence running for president and emphasized the need for Republicans to come together to defeat President Biden. 

Hurd stated that Republican voters should consider whether they want to defeat Joe Biden and achieve goals such as securing the border, “bending back” inflation, and addressing the debt by winning elections. 

“Hold on,” Ruhle said. Ruhle appeared to lean in to hear better Hurd’s explanation of what he meant by suggesting we need to reduce inflation. Ruhle was incredulous, stating that inflation had been reduced.

The MSNBC host then hastily bloviated that MSNBC operates based on truths, especially regarding the economy; it is inaccurate to say that inflation needs to be curtailed because, although it may not be ideal, inflation has decreased significantly from last year’s high levels. 

The highest inflation rate was 9.1% in 2022, but it increased to 4.9% in April. 

Ruhle suggested focusing on “facts.”

Hurd asked Ruhle if she thought inflation was currently in check and if she wished the current level of inflation was maintained for the next four years. 

Ruhle informed the former congressman that she did not say that; he mentioned earlier that she should “bend it back.” 

Bending it back means reversing. She emphasized the importance of operating in truths and stated that they will continue to do so. 

According to a recent poll by Fox News, 90% of those surveyed are still worried about higher prices, even though concern with inflation reached its highest point at 93% in July 2022. 

During April, Biden claimed that inflation had decreased by 45% from its highest point during the summer while he was in charge.