Mother of Hunter Biden’s Child Breaks Silence on His Conviction

Hunter Biden’s ex-partner and the mother of his second youngest child recently appeared in her first TV interview where she spoke on the matter of Hunter Biden’s recent guilty conviction in a federal gun case. Roberts also spoke on the matter of her and Biden’s child and her future relationship with her father following the recent conviction. 

Roberts sat down with NewsNation’s On Balance segment where she stated that she hopes the legal resolution of the situation will still allow her ex to maintain a positive relationship with their daughter. Together, Roberts and Biden co-parent a five-year-old daughter named Navy Joan. Roberts and her daughter are from Arkansas with Roberts stating in the interview that her main concern is her daughter’s “well-being”. 

The news outlet reported that Navy Joan has never met her famous grandfather, who is President Joe Biden, as Roberts stated that she had been advised that grandparents don’t step in unless the child’s parent does, regarding Hunter Biden. However, Roberts did not see it as a bad thing that her daughter’s grandfather played a positive role. Further in the interview, Roberts stated that Hunter Biden had always wanted to make his father proud, but felt he had failed due to his drug addiction. Roberts stated that she always tried to encourage Hunter and that he had felt like the “black sheep” of the family.

In Roberts’s memoir titled, Out of the Shadows, she writes about her relationship with Hunter and that he is not the “villain” that the media portrays him as. Biden spoke about his relationship with Roberts in his own memoir, in which the President’s son stated he met Roberts in 2021, in which at the time Biden claimed he was deep into his drug addiction. 

Biden was found guilty on three felony gun charges Tuesday, in which he lied on a mandatory gun purchase form in 2018 about not having drug and alcohol addictions.