Most Voters Believe Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Business

As the fall 2023 season approaches ever near and the final gasps of summer weather dissipate in regions across the United States, national media outlets have attempted to place a heightened focus on the 2024 presidential election. Despite being over a year away and political lightyears from the present, both major national political parties are gearing up for the battle for control of the White House. In the Republican party, former president Donald Trump maintains a sizeable lead over a crowded field of candidates. Despite four criminal indictments being levied against the American business mogul from New York City, his support amongst likely Republican voters continues to increase, and he currently enjoys a 40-point lead over his second place opponent, Ron DeSantis. Several other candidates including the former governor of New Jersey and Vice President Mike Pence are also in the race, but poll at less than 10%.

In the Democratic party, President Joe Biden enjoys the benefits of the incumbency and remains the party frontrunner for the nomination. President Biden faces only token opposition from Robert Kennedy Jr.. Kennedy Jr. has positioned himself as a moderate, attempting to appeal to the historic blue-dog working class base of the Democratic party. Unfortunately for him, much of those voters have left the party and become Republicans in recent years as the Democrats have increasingly adopted far-left progressive positions on issues across the political agenda. Biden himself has governed in an extremely progressive manner and has appealed to much of the party’s base. Despite this he remains vulnerable, with many Americans disapproving of his job as president. In a recent poll, some 61% disapproved of his performance in the executive branch.

In a recent poll from CNN, many voters believe Biden had knowledge of his son Hunter Bidens foreign business activities. In this poll, 61% of voters are of the opinion that the president knew what was going on behind the scenes.