Morning People Are Blessed With More Faith And Satisfaction With Life

According to research conducted at the University of Warsaw, early risers not only “get the worm,” they are more likely to be more devout than late-night owls. 

In addition, morning persons were also shown to have a greater rate of life satisfaction by the study.

Study Finds, a Polish research group, also shows that early risers tend to have similar personality qualities, such as being hard-working, cautious, and meticulous. This research analyzed survey data from 1,028 Polish people, including 728 who took part in the first study and 500 who took part in the second. Participants in both groups answered questions on their level of conscientiousness, morning routine, and overall happiness with life. 

The poll indicated that the morning is the most popular time for religious individuals. The authors stressed that more research is required because their study could not prove a cause-and-effect link. Many religious groups do morning prayers before the sun rises, which may affect their sleeping habits.

On the other hand, night owls are stereotyped as being more volatile, prone to violence, and more likely to engage in cyberbullying. Their eating habits are often worse, eating bad food late at night.

Historically, early risers are examples of society’s bedrock values of industry and hard labor. Further studies have “perceived night owls as significantly more lazy, unhealthy, undisciplined, immature, creative, and young,” the scientists stated.

According to the study, morning people are more ethical in the morning, and evening people are most ethical in the evening. 

The study does not account for people whose work hours force their sleeping habits. It would be unfair to say that firemen, hospital workers, and night watchmen are less moral than day workers.

Experts say humans don’t often fall into two tidy sleep categories, so until a more individualized study is done, it’s okay to be an early bird or a night owl; there are enough worms for everyone.