Mobster Claims Biden Family Is 100% Involved In Crime

Glenn Beck has recently hosted a unique guest on his radio show – Michael Franzese.

The 72-year-old was a capo in the New York Colombo criminal family. People have looked down on him, considering him, and rightly so, of being a bad guy.

Franzese was an expert at committing crimes to make a living, but he gave it all up when he met his Christian wife of 38 years. He left his criminal past behind when he found love.

The ex-mobster said he had to decide whether to stay in or walk away, and he chose her. Despite “getting out,” he knows too much about the criminal underworld and its participants and how they get away with their crimes.

Beck asked the criminal expert if he felt the Bidens were like a notorious criminal family.

Simply put, he said, the money talks. He said to follow the money, which will always get you there.

Franzese then elaborated on his criminal history, telling Glenn that he had previously pled guilty to racketeering. One of his schemes was to cheat the government out of gas tax revenue. The crime ring came up with a plan, and he managed it for eight years, to sell gas and pocket the tax revenue, he says. The only purpose of incorporating was to qualify for a business checking account. The funds received were obtained dishonestly by stealing tax money from the government. This corporation served no other function.

He then delivered the money shot— the Bidens are doing the same thing, he stated categorically.

Franzese said his actions were comparable to what he thinks the Bidens are doing today, but he emphasizes key differences.

In his opinion, having a president in power who would do something like that amounts to treason.

It takes one to know one.