Mitch McConnell Health Details Released To Public

On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was back on Capitol Hill nearly six weeks after he suffered a fractured rib and concussion from a fall at a Washington hotel, ABC News reported.

McConnell was attending an event at the Waldorf in Washington DC on March 8 when a fall sent him to the hospital where he remained for several days. He was then released to a rehab facility for physical therapy for five days before being sent home on March 25.

Upon his return to the Senate on Monday, McConnell told reporters, “It’s good to be back.” He joked that his March 8 fall “wasn’t the first time being hard-headed served me very well.”

McConnell said those in the Senate are “lucky and blessed” to “serve in this remarkable institution” and the country. Expressing his joy at being back to work, McConnell said that there is “important business” that Congress must tackle.

The Minority Leader quickly shifted to the legislative business, criticizing President Biden for failing to return to the bargaining table to discuss the debt ceiling with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McConnell was one of three senators who has been absent from the Senate in recent weeks.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has been home recovering from shingles and last week extended her absence due to complications. Feinstein requested that the Senate temporarily replace her on the all-important Judiciary Committee which has been unable to clear President Biden’s judicial nominees in her absence.

However, Republican Senators oppose the appointment of a temporary replacement, which will force Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to hold a full vote in the Senate chamber requiring 60 votes to pass.

Meanwhile, the other absent senator, Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman, also returned to work on Monday. Two months ago, Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed to receive treatment for clinical depression.

Unlike McConnell who showed up to work wearing a suit and tie, Fetterman turned up on Capitol Hill dressed in gym shorts and a hoodie.