Missing Hiker Discovered After Months Guarded By Dog

In Colorado, the body of a hiker who had been missing since August was found with his dog at his side.

The body of a missing Pagosa Springs man, Rich Moore, 71, was found on October 30, according to a Facebook post made by Taos Search & Rescue last week. Moore’s dog was discovered nearby and still alive.

After venturing out to top Blackhead Peak, some 20 miles east of Pagosa Springs, Moore and his dog disappeared.

The Lower Blanco drainage basin is located in a valley due southeast of Blackhead Summit, and on October 30th, a hunter reportedly came upon Moore’s body there. The man’s white Jack Russell terrier, named Finney, was found close to the deceased, as reported by the sheriff’s department.

On the 31st of October, a search and rescue team and the local sheriff’s office flew into the region in an attempt to find Moore’s corpse. Officials said they could return Finney to her family after taking her to a vet clinic for medical care.

Authorities have not provided a reason for Moore’s death but maintain that foul play was not a factor.

In the past 12 months, at least three canine companions have been discovered alive near the body of a hiker. In May of 2022, the body of a 74-year-old man from Arizona was found on a trail with his Labrador by his side.

The month before that, a missing 29-year-old hiker was found dead in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park with his dog by his side. His relatives say the dog didn’t leave his side for two weeks.

Authorities spent about 2,000 hours exploring the San Juan Mountains, which are located approximately 35 miles north of the New Mexico state line, before they discovered Moore’s remains.

The news agency claimed that Finney’s physical condition was so bad that the purple collar with her name “was slipping off of her neck.” The dog was reportedly lured away from the body with wet dog food.

A rescue crew flew a helicopter up the mountain and brought the dog and his deceased friend down.

By the time Finney was found, she had dropped six of her initial 12 pounds.