Milwaukee Freeway Shut as Cops Hunt Road Rage Shooter

A major freeway in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was shut down and placed under investigation earlier this week after a road rage incident that involved a firearm occurred. The incident happened on a stretch of Interstate 94 West near the stadium interchange on Monday, May 20th. The incident occurred early during the Monday morning traffic rush where the interstate quickly became a crime scene.

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the shooting around 7:30 a.m. Monday, where a victim of the shooting called 911 reporting a road rage dispute that initially began off the interstate, but made its way onto the major highway. The unidentified victim claimed the incident led to bullets hitting their car on the highway. A spokesperson for the MCSO confirmed to FOX6 News that no one was injured during the shooting.

A crime scene was quickly implemented once officers arrived and assessed the victim and the area. Officers shut down the area of the freeway where the shooting had occurred and began walking the freeway while searching for evidence. Upon their search, deputies found two shell casings, according to the MCSO spokesperson.

A local commuter who was held up in the traffic from the scene spoke to reporters about his perspective of the incident. Salvador Escobedo found himself stuck in traffic waiting for the investigation to close, stating that “it was really bad”. Escobedo says he was en route to work at the time, and it took him 30 minutes just to travel from downtown Milwaukee to his destination. Escobedo claims the drive is usually only five to seven minutes. Escobedo believes that the incident occurred due to “too many crazy people”, and “too many weapons”. The witness finalized his statement by saying that drivers have to be more careful, especially when others get “rude”.

The MCSO is not releasing information about the suspected shooter’s vehicle but claims the agency is still currently investigating the matter.