Mike Pence On Subpoenas: “We’ll Obey The Law”

Former Vice President Mike Pence was ordered to testify about Donald Trump’s role during the Capitol riot on January 6th. While Trump has failed to block subpoenas on the grounds of executive privilege, Pence has no intention of appealing the order and instead, in a recent interview with CBS’ Robert Costa on “Face the Nation,” he gave some insight into what he will be telling Special Counsel Jack Smith, according to Mediaite.  

Costa reportedly noted that Pence will still be limited in what he can say about his conversations with Trump leading up to the riot. Pence confirmed that and expressed his gratitude that the court that issued the order respected that the vice president is protected by the Constitution. 

Pence’s willingness to testify comes after he initially expressed his hesitance to speak out about Trump, but he affirmed that he is going to tell the truth and “obey the law.” He said that he is going to tell the story that he wrote in his memoir. When asked what specifically he is going to talk about, Pence noted that he cannot spill everything about the grand jury or the judge. 

Trump is under several investigations, including two that are being led by Smith regarding his handling of classified material and the alleged “insurrection” of January 6th. Pence was also found to be in possession of classified material, according to American Pigeon. The vice president reportedly asked his attorneys to conduct a search after it was revealed that Trump still retained classified material. 

President Biden was also in possession of classified documents that were found in his home in Delaware and his former office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. While Attorney General Merrick Garland has said that the matter will be investigated, there is no update since January.