Migrants Will Not Be Punished For Brutal Crime Against Girl

Eight out of nine males charged with a heinous gang rape will not face prison time, according to a very controversial decision handed down by the juvenile chamber of the Hamburg, Germany court.

The horrific incident occurred in September 2020 when the girl was on her way home after a friend’s birthday celebration just before midnight. The awful events unfolded when the 15-year-old was strolling through a public park in Hamburg when one of the assailants approached her, brought her to a hidden spot, raped her, and then summoned his accomplices, who also took turns assaulting her.

According to a report, Germany has repeatedly ignored the reality that gang rapes committed by male migrants have become commonplace in the country.

The majority of the suspects are from countries including Afghanistan, Armenia, Iran, Libya, Kuwait, and Poland.

Reports show the judgment puts an end to the protracted trial that started in May 2022. Evidence, including DNA results, became more persuasive over the 68-day trial, which included 96 witnesses and many experts.

Eight offenders had their sentences suspended due to the court’s use of juvenile justice legislation, even though the allegations were serious and supposed video footage of the incident was erased.

The court handed down a two-year and nine-month juvenile jail term to the youngest defendant, an Iranian who is now 19 years old. During the trial, it was noted that he made vile statements and did not show any feelings of remorse.

The sentences of eight other offenders (ages 20 to 23) were placed on probation as youths. Within six months, a determination will be made about continuing the probationary period or imposing a jail sentence in certain instances. The court acquitted one defendant.

Acquittal had been the plea of all defense attorneys. They claimed that the men didn’t know the girl did not want to be intimate with them. The lawyers also claimed that the defendants endured immense hardship due to the accusations and the drawn-out trial.