Michelle Obama Looks Disheveled As Rumors Spread

According to a report, Friday, in the midst of speculation around a prospective run for president, Michelle Obama seemed disheveled while making a “get out the vote” appeal.

Another report shows the Obamas spent two weeks in Australia this year so that former president Barack Obama could deliver a series of speeches.

While in Australia, Barack Obama criticized ex-President Trump, and Michelle Obama appeared disheveled and irritated and appeared in public without makeup.

Recently, on Instagram, former First Lady Michelle Obama noted that crucial elections are taking place in several states. Important municipal elections are also happening. She wants people to be prepared to vote in any upcoming elections. She said voting gives the opportunity to elect officials who will make policy decisions on issues like education financing, the protection of reproductive rights, criminal justice reform, and more.

She also encouraged people to prepare to vote early by clicking a link in her profile and reading up on the issues. Then, send a group voting request to three of your contacts by text message. Obama suggested people can affect change and build a better future for everyone if they mobilize and vote.

Recent political gossip suggests that former First Lady Michelle Obama will be the Democrat Party’s 2024 presidential contender.

Reports show many Democrats hope that CA Governor Gavin Newsom or maybe Michelle Obama would replace Joe Biden since they don’t think he’s young enough to serve a second term.

Last month, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) predicted that the Democrats will spring a surprise in 2024 by nominating Michelle Obama in place of Joe Biden. Senator Cruz noted on his ‘Verdict with Ted Cruz’ show that it’s the scheme that he feels is most plausible and most deadly.

Sarah Palin, Alaska’s Conservative ex-governor, predicted Michelle Obama would be the Democrat contender in 2024. Palin said last week that she still believes President Joe Biden will be out, and Michelle would be running in his place in 2024.

In lighter news, here is the Trump White House Flickr page with a gallery of photos featuring the always elegant former First Lady Melania Trump.