Member Of School Board Breaks Silence On Banned Parent

A North Carolina school board member wants the state attorney general to investigate after the board’s previous chairman and the district wrongly barred a parent.

Onslow County Board of Education member Louis Rogers warned North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein about the school board, the previous chairman, and the district unjustly targeting a parent.

Rogers stated that then-Board of Education Chairman Bill Lanier displayed behavior that deserves the office’s notice during the February 2023 school board meeting. After accusing the parent of disturbing the board meeting, Lanier was accused of improperly ordering a sheriff’s officer to remove them.

The person was falsely accused of interrupting, according to eyewitness evidence, video footage, Rogers, and a colleague.

The person who spoke told the chairman he, not the speaker, would be removed, Rogers said.

Immediately after, without explanation, Lanier ordered a row of parents, including those who had not spoken, to vacate the school board meeting. Rogers said Lanier did it without reason.
Current board chairman Ken Reddic admitted to reporters that the person from the February school board meeting had received a ban letter.

Reports show parents in the Onslow County School District have long maintained that the district violates all applicable safety and security policies. The district’s slow notification of parents on student issues is another source of community criticism.

Some parents expressed their concerns to the media in November after a stabbing and a student-involved shooting at two high schools in August. Several residents and parents have spoken out at monthly board meetings, but many believe management ignores them.

In mid-December, Rogers and Todd held a town hall to hear from parents and others about school safety. Rogers and Todd attended as individuals, not board delegates.

Todd stressed that creating a conversation environment for attendance was more vital than a one-sided meeting. About 55 parents, teachers, kids, residents, and elected leaders attended.
Many said it was the very first time they felt heard. Rogers said they even had teachers talking to parents, which is unusual outside of school.

Brent Anderson, chief communications officer for Onslow County Schools, said recent local incidents have prompted a community debate about school safety. They believe the community’s top concern is student, staff, and citizen safety.

Rogers has stated that he wants Chairman Ken Reddic to authorize a district parent advisory group.