Media Under Fire After Rushing To Conclusions On Explosion

Media outlets and politicians are under fire for rushing to judgment and describing a car accident on the US-Canadian border as a terrorist attack. A New York couple died when their car crashed near the border crossing and blew up, but Fox News quickly announced that the car was “full of explosives.” Senator Ted Cruz explicitly stated that it was a terror attack.

The FBI later declared that the car was moving at top speed when it hit a curb and hurled into the air before crashing to the ground and exploding. New York Governor Kathy Hochul convened a press conference to put people’s minds at rest and confirmed there was “no sign of terrorist activity.” FBI officials in Buffalo backed up the Governor’s claims, but not before several high-profile Republicans publicly blamed the incident on President Biden’s border policies.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz tweeted that America’s worst fears were confirmed, while Floridian Rep. Byron Donalds said the “attack” should act as a “wake-up call to all Americans.” Fellow Floridian Rick Scott tweeted that threats against Americans are “on the rise.”

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy used the incident to lash out at competitor Chris Christie, whom he said had mocked him for “demanding more security at the northern border.” Other Congress members who blamed the accident on terrorists included Cory Mills, Ronny Jackson, Andy Biggs, and Claudia Tenney. Donald Trump Jr. and Kari Lake likewise made the wrong call on social media, with Lake accusing President Biden of “inviting chaos” into the United States.

Conservative Charlie Sykes derided Fox News for its coverage and claimed the episode was an “exercise in disinformation.” He said Fox had engaged in “ideologically motivated opportunism” and baselessly employed terms such as “Islamic terrorism” while describing “hypothetical scenarios.” Conversations even speculated where the terrorists may be from, if they were in the US illegally, and why the explosives detonated at that specific location. Fox later withdrew the comments.