McConnell Warns Against Biden Impeachment

Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate from Kentucky, has urged his fellow Republicans in the House to abandon plans to impeach President Joe Biden. According to McConnell, impeachment of a sitting president should be “rare.”

He noted that during Trump’s two impeachments two years ago, he warned that going down that road would encourage the other side to follow suit and vice versa. McConnell’s remarks come two weeks after the senator froze up at a press conference and had to be removed from the podium.

Concerns over the border issue and charges of influence peddling involving his son Hunter have led to calls for Biden’s impeachment from many House Republicans.

On Monday night, California Republican and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy asked the president to give bank statements to prove that he had not benefited financially from his son’s activities.

Several Republican representatives, including Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, Florida’s Anna Paulina Luna, and Colorado’s Lauren Boebert, have stated their willingness to impeach President Joe Biden over his handling of the border issue.

Luna warned her followers that the Minority Leader is not working for their benefit in response to McConnell’s statements. In the end, she said, the House will decide. Senators like McConnell should stop trying to stymie efforts.

According to Luna, impeaching Joe Biden would not be a tit-for-tat reaction to Trump’s impeachment, and it would be justified by allegations of corruption within his family. Luna is incensed that Biden is sitting in the White House after selling access to nations who are enemies of the United States. She finally said, “I am done,” and it was time to impeach him.

Because of the crisis at the border, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert filed articles of impeachment against President Biden in June.

Although the White House is not taking the threat lying down, none of these initiatives have acquired enough momentum to endanger Biden seriously.

In the 247-year history of the United States, four presidents have been impeached, with three of them happening in the last 24 years alone. Two of the previous five presidents have been impeached: Bill Clinton in 1993 and Donald Trump during his presidential term. All presidents were found not guilty.

McConnell has not always been in step with his Republican colleagues in the House.