Massive 1200 Employee Getaway Paid For By Billionaire CEO

Citadel founder Ken Griffin last weekend picked up the tab for 1,200 Asian-based employees and their families to spend three days at Walt Disney World in Tokyo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Citadel and the 20th anniversary of Citadel Securities, The New York Post reported.

The anniversary celebrations had been planned for earlier but were delayed due to the pandemic, according to a spokesperson from Citadel.

The employees from six of Citadel’s Asian offices, along with their spouses and children, spent last weekend at Walt Disney World Toyko, which includes DisneySea and Toyko Disneyland.

According to the spokesperson, Griffin paid extra to provide his employees express passes so they could skip the lines for rides and attractions.

A regular one-day pass for Toyko’s Disney location costs between 7,900 and 10,900 yen, or between $52.75 and $72.78. Even without paying for the express pass, Griffin would have spent as much as $87,336 a day.

According to the spokesperson, Griffin didn’t just foot the bill for passes. He also paid for everything, including travel, accommodations, food, entertainment, and childcare.

Bloomberg reported that Griffin and Citadel Securities CEO Peng Zhao, along with other top executives from the firms, also attended last weekend’s anniversary celebrations.

In the last three years, both Citadel and Citadel Securities have doubled staff, now boasting more than 400 Asia-based employees, Bloomberg reported.

The firms’ largest operations are centered in Hong Kong where Citadel leases the 59th floor of the Two IFC office tower while Citadel Securities is located on the 42nd floor, Bloomberg reported last year.

The companies also jointly use another floor in Two IFC and plan to expand in Tokyo as well.

Citadel previously operated in Japan but shuttered operations during the global financial crisis.