Mass Shooter Stopped By Good Guy With A Gun

Early Sunday morning, a patron at a Tarrant County, Texas strip club shot and wounded three people before being fatally shot by armed security, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

According to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called to the Temptations Cabaret strip club after a fight broke out over a patron who refused to leave. The patron then pulled a weapon and started shooting.

When arriving at the scene, deputies found three people in the parking lot suffering from gunshot wounds.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, when the patron opened fire, an armed security guard at the club returned fire, hitting the shooter. The suspect, whose name has not been released, later died at a local hospital.

The three injured patrons were taken to area hospitals and treated for their wounds. According to the Sheriff’s Office, all three are expected to recover.

Sunday’s shooting comes as Tarrant County is considering options to terminate the business permit for the Temptations Cabaret. The move was prompted after a May 6 stabbing at the club left two people in the hospital.

Two weeks ago, county commissioner Manny Ramirez presented Sheriff’s Office statistics to the commissioner’s court that he said reveals a pattern of dangerous crime at the strip club that poses a threat to the community.

Following Sunday’s shooting at the club, Ramirez said in a statement that Tarrant County “will not stand idly by while the public is placed in danger.”

Calling the Temptations Cabaret a “clear and present danger to the public,” Ramirez said that he has asked both the County Administrator and the District Attorney’s Office to “take all necessary and legal steps” to close down the “dangerous establishment” immediately.