Manchin Blows Lid Off Liberal Migration Narrative

In a recent interview on CNN’s “The State of The Union,” West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin defended his position calling for tighter border policies, asserting that the United States is “over capacity.” As bipartisan senators work to push through southern border security legislation, Manchin emphasized the need to gain control of the issue.

Manchin expressed concern about the dangers posed by the current situation at the border. He argued that the influx of people coming to the United States for various reasons has surpassed the country’s capacity to handle them. Drawing an analogy to crowded events like sporting matches or concerts, he stated that the US is currently “over capacity” and must take steps to manage the situation.

However, CNN host Jake Tapper challenged Manchin, pointing out that most people coming into the US do not pose a danger to Americans. Tapper questioned Manchin’s use of the word “dangerous” to describe the migrant crisis. In response, Manchin explained that the issue lies in the lack of proper screening and adjudication of individuals entering the country. He argued that when thousands of people cross the border daily, it becomes impossible to adequately assess their background and purpose for coming.

Manchin stressed the need to improve the screening process and ensure that hazardous individuals cannot enter the country for nefarious reasons. He emphasized that the current situation poses a risk that should not be taken lightly.

Bipartisan senators have been revising the nation’s asylum and border security laws to reach a deal that can be presented to the House. This effort comes after the White House reportedly indicated its willingness to consider new terms regarding asylum, detention, and deportation efforts. House Republicans have taken a firm stance on the need to address the issue, prompting action from lawmakers.

The number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border has reached record levels, with over 188,000 encounters in October alone, according to data from US Customs and Border Protection. In a recent incident, Mexican authorities discovered ten improvised explosive devices on an individual carrying an AK-47 rifle near the Arizona border, leading to an arrest by a Border Patrol agent.

As negotiations continue between Republican and Democrat lawmakers, along with the involvement of the White House, the goal remains to regain control of the border. The focus is on implementing effective policies that ensure the safety and security of the United States while addressing the humanitarian aspects of the situation.