Man Goes Missing On Cruise Ship During Vacation

A passenger onboard the Carnival Glory went missing, prompting the United States Coast Guard to search an ocean area around 200 miles in diameter.

On Monday afternoon, it’s been reported that Tyler Barnett, a 28-year-old man from Houma, Louisiana, had gone missing while on vacation with 13 members of his family.

The report states that after the Coast Guard learned of the ship’s arrival in Jamaica, they dispatched two planes to keep watch. A spokesman for Carnival Cruise Line confirmed to the News that the ship’s security team began searching for Barnett after his family reported him missing.

The man’s sister, Destiny Barnett, told reporters that it makes you feel nuts to be trapped on a ship when everyone else is having a wonderful time. “We thought we were going on vacation, but it’s becoming a nightmare.”

The article states that Destiny found no signs of sleep in her brother’s bed, no food or drink in the fridge and the last use of his cabin card at the entrance.

According to published sources, Barnett was reportedly last seen on the ship’s CCTV cameras after midnight on Monday, as confirmed by Coast Guard Petty Officer Third Class Anthony Randisi. Bad weather has forced the Coast Guard to pause its search in the Gulf of Mexico temporarily, and NBC reports that it has notified sailors of a possible overboard scenario. The Coast Guard intends to deploy more personnel and equipment as soon as it is safe.

The Coast Guard has granted the go-ahead for the Carnival Glory to resume her cruise. On November 19, the ship will return to New Orleans after stopping in Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico.

Kevin McGrath allegedly went missing in October while sailing on another Carnival vessel, as reported by the news.

The hunt for the missing 26-year-old who vanished during a Carnival cruise has been called off.

Shortly after the Monday disembarkation from the Carnival Conquest in PortMiami, it was revealed that Kevin McGrath was nowhere to be found.

The NBC and CBS affiliates report that the missing man was on a three-day cruise with his family to celebrate his father’s 60th birthday when he vanished without a trace.

The US Coast Guard has verified that they have stopped looking for Kevin.