Man Fights SHARK – Unbelievable TWIST

A man from California was attacked by a shark, suffering multiple bite wounds, while he was swimming in the ocean near San Diego. He is now speaking publicly about his experience, and has recently recalled his struggles with the predator, including the creative means by which he convinced it to back down.

The victim of the attack is one Caleb Adams, 46 years old, who was but one swimmer in a group of nineteen who regularly train together at Del Mar in California. He was swimming with his colleagues on the second of June when he felt what he describes as a “strong hit” to his body. He knew right away that he had been hit by a shark. He found himself in a “tussel” with the animal for a few seconds, according to his interview with NBC News.

During the fight, Adams said that he punched the shark several times, hitting it inside the mouth. He could feel the softer tissue in there, though he didn’t figure out until later that it had to be the inside of the mouth he was hitting—his thoughts in the moment were all a blur. He continued punching at the soft tissue hoping it would do more damage. Adams later realized that the area he was punching had to have been inside the shark’s mouth, as he suffered several cuts on his hands and wrist from his berserker defense.

Kevin Barret, a fellow member of Adams’ athletic club, heard Caleb’s screams and rushed over to assist. He said that he could tell it was a real scream—it just had that sound. Barret helped Adams to shore, and he saw blood “pouring out” of his buddy’s chest as they swam in from the open ocean.

Adams received a life-saving surgery following the attack, which occurred only a hundred yards offshore. As of this time, the species of shark that attacked Adams is unknown.