Man Arrested for Carrying Knife and Interrupting Mass in Sydney

In Sydney, Australia, a man was arrested after entering a church with a knife. According to an article published by Daily Mail United Kingdom, a man was arrested after meandering into the Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Sydney. This occurred in the Rose Bay Neighborhood on New South Head Road at about 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 23rd. The male was aged 36 years old and he was quickly detained by officers from the Waverly Police Station. Officers ascertained that he was carrying capsicum spray and a multi tool along with his knife. The man hailed from Bangor. He was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. He did get conditional bail and has been scheduled to appear at a local court in late July. 

Unfortunately, this Catholic Community in Sydney, Australia, is not the only place where harrowing occurrences in relation to this denomination of Christians has recently occurred. In mid-May, according to an article by CNN, while mass was being celebrated in honor of many children’s first holy communion sacraments in a church in Southern Louisiana in the United States, a 16 year old male walked into the services with a firearm. The male had opened the back door of the building and proceeded to enter the service with his firearm as Mass was being held. Many parishioners confronted the boy and removed him from the building. Sixty second graders were already inside the church and were about ready to receive their first holy communion when this occurred. The Abbeville, Louisiana Police Department dispatched officers to the scene where the teen was confronted and taken into custody. The teen was then taken into a medical center to undergo a behavioral and psychological evaluation.

Christians are still persecuted worldwide in the modern day. In Muslim Majority countries like Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran, and others, this persecution is most prevalent; North Korea ranks at the top of the list.