MA Prepares Nearly $1B To Care For Migrant Influx

To address the increasing housing expense and the influx of illegal migrants, Massachusetts is expected to allocate about $1 billion in 2025 for emergency shelters.

Based on information the state’s finance and housing secretaries provided, the official word comes from Democrat Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey’s administration.

The report describes splurging for the year, such as the 915 million dollar projected price tag for emergency housing.

Costs related to housing, related services, personnel, intake locations, clinical and safety risk assessment sites, reimbursements to school districts, health care for immigrants and refugees, community and municipal support, and workforce support are all factored into the figure.

According to the source, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s emergency shelter system is now at capacity with 7,500 families. This system is predicted to go over $220 million beyond budget for FY2024.

Illegal migrants and crushing property prices in the Boston region and across Massachusetts were the primary problem.

In a related report, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has voiced her belief that the Commonwealth’s housing situation necessitates intervention from the federal government.

Massachusetts columnist and radio show host Howie Carr wondered why Governor Healey is suddenly unhappy with the Democrats’ aim of making Massachusetts a rundown motel for the Third World.
She has, like many other Democratic politicians, done an about-face and is now sending a warning about the endless stream of foreigners pouring over the border in quest of free benefits.
As she cautioned on a local TV talk show at the beginning of November about overcrowded shelters, she said there were several locations around the nation where individuals may seek refuge after they enter the United States instead of Massachusetts.

However, as Howie Carr pointed out, where would human traffickers, drug dealers, and pregnant Central American teens receive more freebies than they can get on the Massachusetts welfare program?

This was what the Massachusetts Democrats were hoping for. That is until the illegal immigrants appeared in their affluent communities.