Lindsey Graham Says Biden Might Face Criminal Charges Over Laken Riley Case

Joe Biden could be facing criminal charges in connection with the death of Laken Riley, a nursing student from Georgia, by an illegal alien, according to Senator Lindsey Graham.

Jose Antonio Ibarra (26), a Venezuelan illegal migrant who was granted entry by the Biden government, brutally murdered 22-year-old nursing student Riley while she was out jogging.

According to the Senator,  if the Supreme Court doesn’t declare that a president has protection, Biden might be subject to criminal prosecution.

The border is completely breached, Ukraine is at war, and the Middle East is a savage mess. Biden’s record of law enforcement is really dismal. While the Trump and Obama administrations granted parole to 5,600 individuals on average, he has granted parole to one million illegal aliens under a provision that is restricted in scope. Because of a shortage of capacity in the El Paso sector,  Laken Riley was murdered.

The perpetrators of these atrocities against women all had one thing in common. We had the criminals in jail until they were illegally released.  Because of his decision to grant parole to the man responsible for Laken Riley’s murder on the grounds of incompetence, Joe Biden is likely to face legal action and maybe criminal prosecution unless he is protected by the doctrine of Presidential Immunity.

Though he denied involvement in Riley’s murder, Biden did admit that an illegal had killed her during his odd State of the Union speech earlier this year.  After criticism from advocates for an open border, he issued an apology, saying he should have said “undocumented” instead of an illegal alien.  Biden bizarrely claimed that he would not tolerate any kind of disrespect toward the illegal migrants because they built America.  

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) raised the alarm on Friday in response to further news detailing horrific migrant crimes occurring in the United States. On social media, she said that the American people must stop allowing the Democrat-controlled invasions of this country.  She posted screenshots of news articles about migrant criminality.

Two Venezuelan migrants are facing murder charges for 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray’s death in Houston, Texas, while a Salvadoran illegal immigrant is accused of rape and murder in the case of Rachel Morin. In New York City, an Ecuadorian migrant is also charged with the abduction and rape of a thirteen-year-old girl.