Legal Expert Urges GOP To Launch Biden Impeachment

Lawyer Jonathan Turley, the George Washington University constitutional law specialist, said the House should investigate President Joe Biden’s suspected influence-peddling in his son’s international business transactions.

Ironically, says Turley, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who seemingly has provided cover for Biden, has provided the strongest case for impeachment.

The Department of Justice’s investigation against Hunter Biden has lasted longer than the statute of limitations on significant crimes, and Garland has declined to investigate then-Vice President Biden’s role.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss was appointed special counsel by Garland, violating the DOJ’s unique counsel code, which mandates an outside appointment.

“While Garland appears incapable of envisioning any president-related crime, he has produced a conclusive — if inadvertent — case for impeachment,” Turley said.

Turley says the Weiss appointment and Garland’s unwillingness to expand the special counsel’s jurisdiction to Biden family influence peddling make an impeachment probe necessary. The House has the most power under the impeachment provision.

The law scholar implied that Hunter Biden’s alleged offenses pale compared to the then-vice president’s.

Turley said whatever incentive or capacity exists to punish Hunter Biden, Congress must confirm any high crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by President Biden. Democrats created a precedent for retroactive impeachments, including those of Biden as vice president.

Turley declared that with the Hunter Biden probe and Attorney General Garland’s inexplicable behavior, the House must initiate the impeachment inquiry.

Turley says case management problems started before Hunter Biden’s plea agreement collapsed.
While significant offenses’ statutes of limitations expired, the first son’s tax infractions were investigated. Two IRS whistleblowers said Weiss’ team was concerned.

Turley said on Saturday that There was an agreement to extend that time, including on the most problematic claimed payments from Ukraine and other nations.

Garland’s special counsel appointment prohibited Weiss and his team from appearing before House committees during an ongoing inquiry.

Turley noted, “Weiss might easily have a credible response against Republican assertions that he conducted a predetermined probe of Hunter or claims that he made fraudulent comments to his staff.”

However, many still distrust him. According to an ABC News/Ipsos survey, roughly half of Americans doubt the DOJ would handle the Hunter Biden probe in a ‘fair and unbiased way.'”