Lawmakers Say Timing Of Axing Of Whistleblower “Stinks”

Devin Nunes,  Former California Congressman, and former Trump campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley told Newsmax that the IRS’s decision to pull the plug on the Hunter Biden tax evasion investigation at this time “stinks.”

Nunes said during a segment on Newsmax’s “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” that when the Durham report was released, it made the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation seem like utter crap. The Republicans should issue subpoenas swiftly to find out what is really going on with these whistleblowers since the timing of this is quite suspicious.

This week, after special counsel John Durham published his final report finding that the FBI didn’t have any actual proof for investigating Donald Trump’s  Presidential campaign in 2016 for claimed Russian collusion, the IRS eliminated the entire group of detectives in the Hunter Biden tax probe.

A letter sent to Congress by attorneys for a whistleblowing IRS special agent revealed that they had been removed from their positions.

Gidley acknowledged that the timing reeks. He said it was a retaliation. They’d rather no one find out their methods or discover what they’ve been up to. Even if just one person speaks up, the protections afforded to them as a whistleblower will be meaningless. They disregard the rules and go aggressively after them aggressively or remove them from the case altogether.

Devin Nunes noted that this trend of the FBI refusing to work with the Republican-controlled House is nothing new.

According to Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, the Justice Department demanded that the IRS team investigating Hunter Biden’s tax evasion schemes end their investigation. It is another cover-up designed to keep Joe Biden in office.  

Kudlow said a massive scandal involving Hunter Biden’s tax evasions and all these family and friends’ LLCs, receiving money from Ukraine,  Romania, China, and other unknown places. Money was channeled to the then-Vice President, Joe Biden, and now to the President of the United States, the same Joe Biden. It is being covered up by Merrick Garland, the hyper-politicizing Attorney General who takes his orders from Joe Biden.