Lauren Boebert Is Tied With New Democrat Challenger

Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, is a conservative firebrand who, in 2022, narrowly avoided defeat in a contentious midterm election and now faces a difficult reelection battle in 2024.

A recent survey found that Boebert and her 2022 Democrat opponent, Adam Frisch, are neck and neck with equal support at 45%. ProgressNow Colorado, an organization with a leftist ideological slant, commissioned the study and worked with Global Strategy Group to create it.

The poll was conducted between March 29 and April 2 and included questions for both affiliated and unaffiliated voters in the district. The range for error is 4.4%.

If you believe what these leftist groups have to say, Boebert’s reputation as a “far-right fanatic” who is out of touch and concerned with the wrong things is well-established.

They say this is why, although the district leans Republican by 11 percentage points on the generic ballot, Boebert and Adam Frisch are deadlocked at 45% of the vote.

PNC insists that Boebart is woefully out of step with her constituents, suggesting that Frisch could gain ground in a runoff by capitalizing on her dismal approval ratings.

Republican control of the House of Representatives is relatively narrow; early this year, Boebert and her conservative colleagues in the chamber used this to their advantage by pressuring Kevin McCarthy, who was vying for the role of House Speaker, to make compromises. 

Boebert had never supported McCarthy and voted “present” when he ran for speaker of the house.

In 2024, she could be in a difficult situation due to the strong opposition she confronts and her tense relationships with the Republican Party’s top officials. 

In 2020, she won a seat in the legislature and was sworn in for the first time as a United States representative, becoming one of the more controversial freshman representatives in the house.