Landslide GOP Victory Puts Dems On Edge

GOP sources told a media outlet that Governor-Elect Jeff Landry (R-LA)’s unexpected win in Saturday’s open gubernatorial primary is a good indication for Republicans in the 2024 elections.

On Saturday night, Landry, the current attorney general of the Bayou State, who also had the support of ex-President Donald Trump, swept the open primary with over 52 percent of the vote. That means he avoided a runoff election in November and was immediately sworn in as governor.

Low participation, not seen in a decade, and a disinterested Democrat base for his Democrat opponent, Shawn Wilson, who garnered 26 percent of the vote, were cited as major factors in Landry’s win by an area newspaper. Even while black voter participation was low, Landry did well for a Republican among the black people who did cast ballots, according to the news site.

Reports reveal the victory is significant because it is the first in more than eight years that the Republican Party has held the governor’s office. Due to term restrictions, incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards could not run for reelection, and Landry will take over in his stead. The South had no other Democrat governor but Edwards.

Debbie Dooley, a grassroots Republican activist and co-founder of the Atlanta, Georgia, Tea Party, discussed the patterns and their implications for the Democrats and the Republicans in an interview with an online media outlet. Dooley thinks the Republicans have reason to celebrate after Landry’s win and that President Joe Biden and his crew should be terrified.

Dooley said that working-class Americans would be better off without Biden as president, citing the 40-year high inflation that has severely harmed their purchasing power as evidence of the disastrous effects of Biden’s policies.

Dooley thinks the success of Trump-backed candidate Landry is an indication that Republicans should rally around Trump, who is currently leading in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination.