Kari Lake Suggests Hillary Clinton May Want Her Dead

Arizona firebrand Kari Lake appears to believe that Hillary Clinton wanted her dead. The Republican narrowly lost the 2022 Governor’s race in the Grand Canyon State and has been locked in litigation to challenge the result. In a recent interview, she said she was alarmed when she realized that Hillary Clinton had spoken about her during the election cycle, and said, “The brakes on my car have been checked and they’re in working order, and I am not suicidal. When the Clintons start talking about you, you kind of tense up a little.”

During the discussion, which has been removed by YouTube, Lake referred to her 2022 campaign and said she was condemned not only by Clinton but also by Barack Obama and other key left-wing figures.

Rumors about the Clintons and the sudden demise of their enemies have been ongoing for some years. Websites online document apparently mysterious and sudden deaths associated with the power couple. One such rumor involves the killing of Seth Rich, an employee of the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Rich was murdered in an armed robbery in 2016 and some have suggested that he planned to inform the FBI about crimes committed by Clinton just before his violent death. The rumors are dismissed as Russian interference by the left.

Despite her apparent trepidation surrounding Clinton, Kari Lake, known for her outspokenness, is not letting up on her legal campaign to challenge the result of the gubernatorial election in Arizona last year. 

A staunch Trump supporter, she is floated as a possible running mate for the former President should he win the Republican nomination for 2024. She even won a straw poll among GOP members last year when they were asked who they would like to see run alongside Mr. Trump. Lake got 20% of the vote, with Ron DeSantis in second place with 14% and Nikki Haley in third with 10%. Some have hinted that Trump won’t pick her because she risks attracting too much attention.