Kamala Harris Is Getting “Offers” From Fellow Democrats As She Spirals

(ConservativeCore.com)- According to a report, Democrat Senators are expressing weak support for Vice President Harris in the face of media allegations that call into doubt her political skill and basic competency. 

Critics say Kamala Harris isn’t up to the task of becoming president and isn’t equipped for meetings.  Some are concerned that if Biden were unable to run for reelection in 2024, Harris would lose the presidential race. 

According to the NY Times, private statements reveal that persons in the White House and around the country have said she has not proved herself as a leader of the party or the country. To add insult, even several Harris’ Democrat advisors directed to the media for supporting statements privately admitted that they no longer had faith in her.

Influential Democrats worry in silence about the party’s future if President Biden does not seek reelection. A large majority of Democrats questioned, who requested anonymity to avoid upsetting the Biden administration, were sure that Kamala Harris would not be able to win the presidency in 2024. Others have speculated that the most difficult task facing the party would be to figure out how to keep her out of sight without offending black and women Democrat constituents. 

When asked by the Daily Caller whether they would support Harris’ continued presence on the 2024 presidential ticket as vice president, some Democrat, and Independent Senators refused to answer. Others left their decisions to Biden, while some gave an endorsement for Harris. 

West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Ohio’s Sherrod Brown, both of whom are in tight re-election races, would not say they backed Harris for Vice President. 

Sen. Angus King (Independent, Maine) told the reporter to ask a Democrat.  Another Independent, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, declined to answer.  

Senators Ben Cardin of Maryland, Jon Ossoff of Georgia, and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut deferred their endorsements to President Biden. 

Harris has stated she would run as Vice President and called criticism of her and President Biden political gossip.