K-9 Officer Dies After Being Left Inside Extremely Hot Car

A K-9 officer died after being left in an overly hot vehicle, and the residents of the little town of Savannah, Missouri, are outraged.

Horus, the police dog, passed away on Thursday after spending the night in a car, according to Savannah Police Department head David Vincent.

According to a source, the probe into what happened is still in its early stages, but for the time being, it is believed that Horus’s death was accidental.

The Weather Channel reports that Savannah, located approximately one hour north of Kansas City, had temperatures of 88 degrees. Thursday and Friday had temperatures above 90 degrees. The town is under a heat advisory, much like the rest of the nation, and the heat index can reach 108 degrees.

Without Horus on the force, the Savannah Police Department is down to three policemen.

After posting a photo of a missing dog spotted wandering around town on Sunday, the department’s Facebook page has been inundated with criticism from angry citizens.

They slammed the department for discussing one dog but couldn’t be bothered to report the death of their K-9 officer.

One commenter snarkily said that the Savannah police chief misspelled the words neglect and homicide when they reported that the K-9 died as the result of “an accident.”

The agency has not yet released the name of the K-9 handler, but another commenter said that they should spend life in prison like “any other cop killer.”

In September 2023, in observance of National Police K-9 Day, the department recognized Horus for his service in a Facebook photo. People revisited that page to pay their respects.

One individual expressed the opinion that the officer should face murder charges. 

A candlelight ceremony will be held in Savannah’s Messick Park on June 30 in memory of the deceased K-9.