Judge Jeanine Publisher Says She Was Censored

“Winning Team Publishing,” the publisher of Jeanine Pirro’s new book, “Crimes Against America,” made accusations against Fox News, accusing them of trying to censor Pirro and the promotion of her book because of the Dominion Voting Machine court case.

Semafor media reporter Max Tani reported on Tuesday that “two people familiar with the Fox position on Pirro ‘s book” told him, Fox News had put strict limitations on any of Pirro’s promotional or speaking appearances for her book.

Tani claimed the network made it clear they would discourage her from appearing at multiple conservative political and religious events,” including events hosted by Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA organization.

The statement to Semafor by Pirro’s publisher, Winning Team Publishing, seemed to validate the claim by stating that the author was “restricted from speaking” at various events, including church services.

A representative from the publisher expressed disappointment at Fox News for censoring one of their prominent figures, calling Pirro one of their biggest stars, according to Tani.

Winning Team Publishing, an “America First” publishing company co-founded by Donald Trump Jr., released “Crimes Against America” last month. 

The publishing house has previously published books by former Charlie Kirk and the conservative former candidate for Arizona governor, Kari Lake. 

Winning Publishing has also published President Donald Trump’s books such as “Our Journey Together” and “Letters to Trump, “

Following the release of her book, Pirro has been actively engaged in promoting it on various platforms. 

She has made multiple appearances on Fox News shows, where she discussed and promoted her book. 

Additionally, Pirro has extended her promotional efforts by being featured on “Triggered,” a show hosted by Donald Trump Jr., and she participated in an event hosted by Charlie Kirk’s conservative group Turning Point USA in Arizona.

She was scheduled to make a book-related appearance at a New Albany, Ohio, church event next weekend, but she said she was strongly advised against it. 

The event would feature Pastor Bailey, along with “Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel, the founder of the MyPillow brand, Mike Lindell.

The spokesperson for Bailey, who is a conservative television anchor and co-host of the event, stated that he would address Fox’s decision on his Tuesday evening broadcast. 

When contacted, a spokesperson from Fox News declined to provide any comment.